Zambia Orphanage Building Ministry & Evangelism

Please pray as Nick & Sheila join missionaries working in Zambia, from the 18th July to 4th August 07. This is an unexpected need & opportunity for them to work with Yacob & Amber, missionaries. Nick is needed to drive one of the 4×4 vehicles with double axle trailer, carrying cement and building materials to Zambia via Botswana. Nine men and 1 Russian Pastor from the USA are joining the South African team at Livingstone Airport, Zambia. Yacob, Nick & Tunize will be driving the vehicles. Sheila & Amber will take turns accompanying Tunize in her vehicle. She is most brave to drive such a distance. Some of the roads are dirt tracks.

Sheila Amber & Tunize will be busy preparing food, washing up, fetching water and firewood, whilst Nick & the other men will be carrying on the building works with help from about 20+ local people. Each day, the 20+ local helpers will join the team for lunch. The Russian Pastor will teach during the lunch times on the Attributes of God. (With Interpreter) On Sundays and week day afternoons, team members will be visiting the churches, schools and villages, to share the gospel. Sheila looks forward to this part but before that highlight, a lot of fetching and carrying will have to be done. It is very rural. No running water and electricity. Team members fetch the water by pumping it from a bore hole well a little distance away and carry containers back to camp in a wheelbarrow. There are snakes and other hazards about the place. The weather is colder and sleeping under canvas could be a little testing.

Items for Daily Prayer:

  • Personal safety and travelling mercies for the team
  • For unimpeded border crossings
  • Pray that the vehicles will perform well, no breakdowns, accidents, incidents. You do come across potholes and animals roaming the roads. It is particularly dangerous for dusk and night driving
  • That the team will have energy and stamina for the hard labour and spiritual work
  • For a relaxed and encouraging team spirit
  • That the lives of team members will be a witness to one another and the local people
  • That many will hear the gospel and come to trust in the living Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life

Thank you so much

With love & prayers

Nick & Sheila Court

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