Zambia Mission Trip: 18th July to 4th August 2007

This was an unexpected trip undertaken by Tunize and Nick & Sheila Court. The request for assistance came from Jako &zm1.JPG Amber Joubert, Missionaries from Mission of Love. Nick was needed to drive one of the three vehicles up to Zambia, carrying much needed supplies and building materials. A team of 9 Americans and 1 Russian Pastor were meeting us at Livingstone Airport, all ready for the task of building. Jako & Amber’s goal was to have the foundations of this first Orphanage Home in place, before the rains come.

The men all laboured intensively and with great enthusiasm to accomplish the task. The setting was zm2.JPGvery rural, no electricity and water had to be brought to camp from the nearest well. Sand for construction was obtained from a dried river bed, half an hour drive away. The bricks were hand made, on site.
Apart from the physical labour, great strides were undertaken for spiritual advancement. Many team members gave their testimonies and sung or preached in the local Church services. Nick & Sheila were delighted to attend, along with other team members, the local primary school for assemblies on threezm3.JPG occasions. The teachers interpreted the bible lessons into Tonga.
It was a privilege to teach Sunday school and a joy to hear the song taught in English so smoothly translated and sung in Tonga.

We thank you for your prayers. God heard and answered. We all had safe journeying mercies. We were struck by the spiritual darkness which abounds in such a rural, “idyllic” place. On the day we were lezm4.JPGaving South Africa, Jako had news that a man from the village was murdered. We learnt that he was related to Pastor Petros and that he was ambushed on his way home, having gone to buy grain. Nothing was stolen from him but his heart was removed from his body. Satanic practices abound and we must pray for the people of Makumba. A young boy of 7 years died from TB whilst we were there and we were able to go and pay our respects to his father who attends the local church. It is imperative that the Tonga people hear the Gospel message.zm5.JPG

Jako & Amber have been ministering in Makumba for some years now and they have a passion and love for the people. We thank God for the blessed experience of working alongside them and the team from Virginia and the Russian Pastor from Moscow.

Nick & Sheila Court, Missionaries
Step Wise Youth Ministry

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