Prefects’ Leadership Training @ Ora et Labora Camp

Please pray for Nick and Sheila Court who will be facilitating a prefects’ leadership training at the Ora et Labora Camp from tomorrow until Wednesday. Their objective is to educate and train learners in the basic skills of team work, leadership and communication. They will also be making use of the opportunity to share the gospel with the prefects who number more than 40! Please pray that the Lord will use this to awaken spiritually dead souls among that group.

Nick and Sheila’s ministry:

Step Wise Youth Ministry (S.W.Y.M) is the vision of Nick & Sheila Court for the children and young people of South Africa. This vision was born out of spending nearly a year sharing the gospel with thousands of young people in South Africa through schools assemblies, weekly clubs in homes and churches and holiday bible clubs. Other exciting evangelistic opportunities included school Christian Unions, school classrooms and camps.

Read: Prefects’ Leadership Training @ Ora et Labora Camp details (PDF)

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