Prefects’ Leadership Training Camp Feedback

The Prefects Leadership Training was held at Ora et Labara, a very rural conference centre. Sixty learners attended thePrefects training from two primary schools.

The emphasis was on leadership, teamwork and communication, all taken from a biblical perspective. The learners analysed the character and style of biblical leadership such as Nehemiah, Moses, Joshua and Queen Esther. They were exhorted to follow the greatest leader of all, the Lord Jesus Christ as their role model for prefect leadership and life itself.

Indoor team building activitiesThe learners thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor and indoor team building activities. The early morning “wake & shake” sessions were fully attended. This was uplifting energy booster exercises ably led by Danelle. Some of you may remember that we had made the cooking a matter for prayer? Well, Air Stewardess Wilma and Louise got an enthusiastic team together for all the camp catering. We had super meals! Wilma did a presentation of a journey to Hong Kong with the help of air stewardess Louise & “Captain Nick Court.” Wilma spoke of herself as a Christian leader and servant of the Lord.

Thomas & Danelle gave much of themselves in Bible teachings and activities. Not all our helpers at camp areWilma and Louise named here but we are equally thankful for their much needed input. The feedback from two Educators was very positive indeed. They felt that SWYM had kept the learners occupied and learning throughout the camp, that the learners were fed well, even too well, and that the organisers did not try to get rid of their learners by sending them off on their own. One Educator said “you are not like other places, interested only in the money and not in the learners.”

In the kitchen!Thomas had opportunities to enquire if the Gospel means anything to the Educators. One said that he did not believe at all, the other said that he would “like to find out more about this thing”. We noted that one Educator took some gospel tracts away with him, without any prompting. We would love to go to these rural schools to share the gospel through assemblies. Please pray urgently for more workers/volunteers to meet the spiritual needs of these learners.

Just a final note: Nick and Shelia were not able to go to Clarens due to the recent public service strikes (June 2007).

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