Thapelo Mpai

Thapelo Mpai was born and raised in Tembisa. After spending 7 years working in the insurance industry. He went to study for Pastoral Ministry at the London Seminary in the UK. For 15 years
he’s been involved in various aspects of church ministry from leading home groups to Sunday school for kids and Saturday bible clubs at local primary schools.

He is married to Grace and they have a beautiful girl named Morongwa. They live in Birchleigh.


Nico Van Zyl

Nico van Zyl was born in 1977 in Pretoria, South Africa. He grew up in Bloemfontein and graduated in 2003 with a Masters in Theology at the University of the Free State. Nico has been involved in evangelism and missionary work since 1996 across Africa and Asia. He worked as a missionary and teacher in KwaZulu Natal for 7 years at a Mission Station. He has been involved with online evangelism and discipleship on various platforms with SAAWE (South African Action For World Evangelization) Global Media Outreach and Truths Transforms. With SAAWE he also worked to mobilize the church in South Africa for missions and did numerous outreaches to Muslims and least evangelized people groups in South Africa. He is a Pastor of Birchleigh Baptist Church in Kempton Park and the Conference Manager of African Pastors’ Conferences since 2016, a ministry that equips Pastors and Bible teachers for the ministry. He is married to Roxanne and they have a baby boy, Nicolas. They live together in Midrand, South Africa.

The Mpais

Thapelo Mpai (left), Morongwa Mpai (left) and Grace Mpai (right)

The Van Zyls

Nico Van Zyl (left), Nicolas Van Zyl (middle) and Roxanne Van Zyl (right)