Singleness for the Glory of God (Morning)

Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 7:8-9, 17-35
: Irving Steggles
Pastor’s notes: Click here
Sermon outline:

  1. Four certainties
    1. Singleness has Godly precedents
    2. Singleness is a gift from God
    3. Singleness has varied forms
    4. Singleness is good – like heaven
  2. Four charges
    1. Be content
    2. Be urgent
    3. Be single-minded
    4. Be pure

God’s Design: Marriage in Christ’s Image – Mutual Honour (Morning)

Sermon text: 1 Peter 3:1-7
Preacher: Irving Steggles
Pastor’s notes: Click here
Sermon outline:

  1. The wife does and does not honour
    1. She does not honour her husband in peudo-submission
      1. Submitting to her husband while disobeying Christ
      2. Leaving all to her husband
      3. Living in craven fear of her husband
    2. She does honour her husband in biblical submission
      1. The inner adornment of a gentle and quiet spirit (v. 4)
      2. Obedience to, and honour of her husband (v. 6)
      3. Holiness before God (v. 5)
  2. The husband does and does not honour
    1. He does not honour his wife in pseudo-leadership
      1. Harsh, stern, brutal, insensitive, authoritarian leadership (v. 7)
      2. Democratic leaderhip which is done on consent or vote
      3. Weak leadership
    2. He does honour his wife in Christ-centered biblical shepherding and oversight
      1. Leadership based on knowledge of God and his wife (v. 7)
      2. Honouring his wife by affirming, dignifying and prizing his wife and her femininity (v. 7)
      3. Rooted in prayer which they are to do regularly and privately together.  Marriage must be founded on prayer (v.7)