Evangelising Our Children

Jim EliffThere will be a Morning Seminar held at the Constantia Park Baptist Church on Saturday the 14th July 2007 from 09h30 to 1300 entitled “Evangelising Our Children“. The speaker is to be Jim Eliff, the founder and president of Christian Communicators Worldwide, and all are welcome.

Should you be unsure as to the whereabouts of the Constantia Park Baptist Church in Pretoria, you will find a location map on the second page of the PDF (below). Alternatively, visit CPBC’s contact page.

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Prefects’ Leadership Training Camp Feedback

The Prefects Leadership Training was held at Ora et Labara, a very rural conference centre. Sixty learners attended thePrefects training from two primary schools.

The emphasis was on leadership, teamwork and communication, all taken from a biblical perspective. The learners analysed the character and style of biblical leadership such as Nehemiah, Moses, Joshua and Queen Esther. They were exhorted to follow the greatest leader of all, the Lord Jesus Christ as their role model for prefect leadership and life itself.

Indoor team building activitiesThe learners thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor and indoor team building activities. The early morning “wake & shake” sessions were fully attended. This was uplifting energy booster exercises ably led by Danelle. Some of you may remember that we had made the cooking a matter for prayer? Well, Air Stewardess Wilma and Louise got an enthusiastic team together for all the camp catering. We had super meals! Wilma did a presentation of a journey to Hong Kong with the help of air stewardess Louise & “Captain Nick Court.” Wilma spoke of herself as a Christian leader and servant of the Lord.

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Prefects’ Leadership Training @ Ora et Labora Camp

Please pray for Nick and Sheila Court who will be facilitating a prefects’ leadership training at the Ora et Labora Camp from tomorrow until Wednesday. Their objective is to educate and train learners in the basic skills of team work, leadership and communication. They will also be making use of the opportunity to share the gospel with the prefects who number more than 40! Please pray that the Lord will use this to awaken spiritually dead souls among that group.

Nick and Sheila’s ministry:

Step Wise Youth Ministry (S.W.Y.M) is the vision of Nick & Sheila Court for the children and young people of South Africa. This vision was born out of spending nearly a year sharing the gospel with thousands of young people in South Africa through schools assemblies, weekly clubs in homes and churches and holiday bible clubs. Other exciting evangelistic opportunities included school Christian Unions, school classrooms and camps.

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Meet Those in Full Time Ministry

When we pray “Hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come” we are praying for Missions. The full answer to the second request accomplishes the first, and if we pray the first from the depths of hearts which are passionately jealous for God’s name we will be urgent in praying for His kingdom to come.

Every Christian must be praying for Missions for otherwise they show no jealousy for God’s name. Every local church should consider praying for the gospel’s effect worldwide as at the very core of its ministry. God is worthy to be known and glorified by people throughout the world – that involves proclaiming Him and praying for those who are especially equipped to proclaim Him.

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