Morning and Evening Services

Morning service: 10am
Afternoon service: 2pm

We believe in the central importance in church life of the corporate worship of God’s people as together they submit themselves under His word. When we meet together for worship every aspect of the meeting must be controlled by the word of God through the Holy Spirit. The meeting as a whole should be God-honouring and Christ-exalting and even more than all the rest of our daily lives a special time when we can glorify and enjoy God.

We seek that our worship together should be both conservative and contemporary – conservative in maintaining the historic truths of biblical Christianity and contemporary in both seeking to apply those truths in 21st century living and also in using the best of modern, truth-filled hymns alongside the noble heritage of hymns from previous generations.

Although we do not follow a formal liturgy, we will always have two readings from the Bible, several hymns, one or two extended times of public prayer and the exposition of the word of God in expository preaching, in a service totalling around 75 minutes. In the evenings we have a special mission spot when we consider the work of God in extending the kingdom of His Son in a particular country of the world.

On the first Sunday evening of the month and on the third Sunday morning we obey the Lord’s command to remember His death in the Lord’s Supper (Communion service) to which all true believers who trust in Christ alone for their salvation (and whose lives authenticate what they profess to believe) are welcome to participate.

From time to time we will hold a service of believers’ baptism, where a Christian believer will obey Christ in the public witness of their union with Him in His death and resurrection.

All, whether Christians or not, are welcome to attend all our services, including attendance at, though not participation in, communion.

There are refreshments after each service which gives an important opportunity for Christians to build each up in their faith, share needs and show hospitality to visitors.